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5 Ways to Transform your Commercial Office Space

commercial office set-up transformation

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed the workplace. In 2020, an estimated 67% of employees were spending at least a portion of their time working from home. So, what does that mean for businesses with commercial office space

Since most commercial property is under a lease, businesses are getting creative with their extra space.

Ready to Transform Your Commercial Office Space? Here’s How to Get Started 

Office space for rent in Clifton Park, NY, and across the nation is stable, even with more employees working from home. But, with a hybrid workforce, some businesses and property managers are left with surplus space. Many businesses are finding new uses for extra space. Property managers are also finding ways to attract tenants to commercial spaces for rent.

gym area in office

Turn the Extra Space into a Gym

Even businesses with remote workers still have some employees coming into the office. A great way to use the extra office space is by turning it into a small gym. A gym not only improves employee health but also boosts morale.

Larger Offices for In-Person Employees

Office size is a problem for many companies. Employee offices are often too small, but businesses can resolve the issue by using the extra space by taking down partitions and opening areas. Another idea is to give employees larger desks. Not only will workers feel more comfortable, but it also makes larger spaces appear less empty. 

Create a Game Room

Unused space can be turned into a game room. It’s a great way to build team spirit. Whether it’s a few favorite arcade games, pool tables, or putting green, employees will have something to look forward to on their breaks.

Redesign the Office Floor Plan

Office designs are constantly changing. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, most commercial offices for rent were open floor plans. Now, businesses are having to rethink their office design. Employees are expecting safety at work, along with an efficient office space. 

Managers of commercial property for rent Have a renewed focus on their tenants’ health and safety. This may include upgrading ventilation and other building systems. A socially distanced work environment is something employees want from businesses.

Flexibility is Key

A flexible work environment is a priority for many employees. The global pandemic dramatically increased the percentage of remote workers. To keep current in-person employees happy and attract remote workers back to the office, commercial spaces need to offer a comfortable environment.

The Commercial Real Estate Market and Remote Work

The workplace environment is becoming more flexible. Businesses like eCommerce and technology companies continue to search for new office space. The number of offices for lease remains steady, as the industry meets the new challenges that a hybrid workforce creates.


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