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Be a Talent Magnet: Attracting the Best People to Your Office

Talent Magnet

The question on the mind of every talent acquisition specialist and manager is how to attract and retain top talent for their organizations. As top talent changes industries and jobs, companies across every industry are experiencing high turnover rates. Working from home changed the way that people think about living and working, and the movement is shaping the workplace.

A survey by Career Builder in June 2021 reported the top reasons why jobseekers applied for an open position.

Location: 45%

Desirable Industry: 33%

Reputation of the company: 23%

Advancement Opportunities: 22%

As companies return to the office and fill their open positions, here are some ways that they can become a talent magnet and attract the best people in their industry.

Pay & Benefits

Workers are in high demand, and they have more options than ever about where to accept the best position. They have a lot of leverage when it comes to pay and benefits, and they want to be valued for their hard work and dedication. One of the first things they’re going to consider is the pay and benefits. As recruiters hustle to fill positions in their organizations, many of them are offering higher pay and signing bonuses. The leaders that provide these great incentives to their employees and new recruits will make their organizations the top talent magnets in their industries.

Location, Location, Location

People don’t just want a place where they can work. They want a place where they can live and play, which is why geography is a major incentive for many jobseekers. Locations with a vibrant culture, affordable housing, and outdoor recreation are very attractive to job applicants. For organizations returning from the work-from-home life and searching for office space to rent, this might be an opportunity to relocate to areas more desirable to top talent.

Hybrid Work

As companies return to work, they may consider a hybrid work environment before they order new furniture, computer equipment, or decide what kind of office space to lease. According to CareerFinder, 25% of job seekers would turn down a job offer if it didn’t allow them the option to work from home. More and more organizations have gone fully remote or offer hybrid options to their employees. The decision to go fully remote or have a hybrid arrangement could affect what kind of space a company needs, and it’s a decision they should make before searching for commercial space for rent.


Not all offices are created equal. The kind of commercial space that a company rents will depend largely on the particular needs of its teams. Would employees thrive in an open office that inspires interaction with their team members? Or do they need quiet, private spaces where they can focus for long periods? How is the commute from nearby residential neighborhoods, and are there options for biking to work or taking public transportation? For some job seekers, a comfortable work environment makes a company a better talent magnet.

Quality of Life

When searching for office space to rent, look at it from the talent’s perspective. Not only are they making this decision for themselves, but they are making it for their spouses and children as well. Will their spouse have job opportunities? Is housing affordable? Are there options for childcare, and is there a good public school system? It will be a difficult transition for the whole family if they don’t find a desirable neighborhood in which to find a home or if they can’t make the community their forever home.

Design Matters

People spend a lot of time in the office, so their work environment should be inviting and spark the imagination. Thoughtful design elements such as space, lines, lighting, patterns, colors, shapes, and textures will inspire workers to engage with the space and their fellow team members. The proper lighting will help them work comfortably, and the appropriate color palette will strike the right mood. A well-thought-out floor plan will help with flow. As a company settles into its new office space, it is worth it to spend time on quality interior design.

Employee Experience

As the workforce grows more diverse so does their need for diverse workspaces. Offering a variety of workspaces will suit the needs of the different types of work that goes on there. Collaboration areas give teams a place to brainstorm and problem-solve. Quiet booths and seating areas boost creativity and productivity for those who need to focus on a solo project. A nursing room for new mothers will help them comfortably make the transition back to the office.

Growth Opportunities

The best workers search for ways to learn and grow in their field. They want to take on new challenges and contribute to their company’s success. As talent acquisition managers interview new recruits, that is the perfect opportunity to have that discussion and how the organization might support job applicants in their long-term goals.

Company Culture

The location and layout of the commercial property are only a piece of a bigger puzzle. The best location and the most up-to-date amenities can only do so much. What matters most is how companies treat their talent once they join the team. People want a company culture that will make them feel respected, appreciated, and valued.

Jobseekers consider multiple factors when deciding whether to accept a job opportunity. An employer’s best chance of being a talent magnet is by making a positive first impression.

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