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Office Space for Rent

6 Ways to Find Commercial Office Space for Rent

What is the best way to find commercial office space for rent?

Finding the perfect commercial office space for your business takes time, effort, and a willingness to do in-depth research. Moving into the wrong type of office space can have disastrous results for your business. For example, if you pick an office space based in the wrong location (little to no traffic, significant security issues, hard to physically locate), then you can expect your business to suffer on multiple levels.

Other factors such as size, rent, and overall budget also play a significant role in the type of office space you should choose for your business. Identifying the best way to find commercial office space for rent can seem like a daunting task from the surface, but focusing on the essentials will make your task that much easier.

Let’s breakdown the best way to find commercial space for rent.

1) Create a shortlist based on your budget

Creating a shortlist doesn’t just help you find the perfect office building for your business — it also saves you time and money. Rent can vary depending on the locality, so weeding out the office spaces that are outside of your budget range will ensure you don’t waste time looking at commercial spaces that aren’t well suited for your business.

2) Consider how much space you need

Space is one of the most important factors you need to take into account when you’re choosing a commercial office to rent. How large does your office space need to be? Small? Medium sized? Large? Understand your needs in terms of space before setting out on your search. As you determine the right size of your office space consider the number of people you employ, whether or not you intend on having customers visit your office, and so on.

3) Furnished vs. unfurnished office space

Depending on who you speak to this option may seem like a luxury. Despite this, you should consider the pros and cons of moving into a furnished vs. unfurnished commercial office space for lease. The obvious drawback of moving into a furnished office space is that the extra amenities will likely cost you more each month in rent.  However, one major advantage is you’ll potentially save hundreds of dollars upfront because you won’t have to purchase (and transport) your own furniture.

4) Business centers

Business centers are a great place to start for many companies. Even some of the most reputable businesses base some of their branch offices in business centers. Business centers are useful because they handle the hassles of administrative work that businesses deal with during their day to day proceedings. This will free you up to focus on what matters most — growth and revenue generation.

5) Look for well-known office complexes in commercial areas

Why should you look for office complexes? That’s because well-known spaces such as these are known for providing the best amenities for their office spaces such as water, central air conditioning, electricity, and more.

6) Look for online listings

There are plenty of online listings out there that will help you track down the perfect office space for your business. Listing sites such as LoopNet and Zillow do a fantastic job of listing properties available in your area of choice. You can also turn to broader sites such as Craigslist. While Craigslist provides a wide variety of services, it has proven to be an effective resource for finding available commercial property. 

There are many online listing sites to choose from. Do your homework and focus primarily on the most trusted sites. The two qualities a good listing site should have is time efficiency and accurate listings. Ensure the site is always kept up to date (otherwise you’ll just be wasting your time). Also, you should be able to navigate the site with little to no issue.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right type of commercial space for your business takes planning and time. Making a choice without thoroughly analyzing the needs of your business could lead to you making the wrong choice — a decision that can haunt your business for years. Take your time, do your research, and execute your strategy. With enough diligence, you’ll be able to identify the best commercial office space for your business.

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Featured Image Credit: Free-Photos / Pixabay