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Growth of Gig Economy a Boon for Clifton Park Office Rentals

Growth of Gig Economy a Boon for Clifton Park Office Rentals

Growth of Gig Economy a Boon for Clifton Park Office Rentals

If you have been toying with the idea of becoming a freelancer and entering the gig economy, you are not alone. Clifton Park office rentals, especially ones that cater to freelancers, have been increasing in popularity. In fact, statewide, New York is known to have the highest number of freelancers in the U.S., with most workers offering technical or professional expertise.

Any time a change in labor this significant takes place, one has to wonder if the trend is here to stay. As an individual looks for a small office space for lease Clifton Park NY or across the region, he or she may have a moment of pause before signing the rental agreement. It’s a big step to quit your day job. Do you stay in a situation that requires you to commute to an office you hate where you work 9-to-10 hour days? Or do you continue your search for Clifton Park offices for rent and begin life as a freelancer?

Even though working as a freelancer is not without risk, and some skills are more highly compensated than others, you can rest assured that the gig economy does not seem to be going anywhere. Find that Clifton Park commercial property for rent. Buy fewer suits and more jeans. Have “the talk” with your boss, and go for it.

Here are six reasons why the gig economy has created a boon for Clifton Park office leasing.

1. Freelancers are becoming easier to find.

According to a study called the Future Workforce Report from Upwork, 59% of U.S. companies are using freelance workers and remote workers to complete projects. Upwork and other freelancing websites are the reason for this trend.

Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are platforms that connect business leaders to skilled workers. In most cases, the freelancers can be paid hourly or by the project.

By using these websites, business owners can hire anyone to do anything. You can hire writers, designers, artists, back-up singers, and songwriters. You can also hire webpage designers, computer programmers, lawyers, architects, and project managers. Freelancers even complete personal projects as well. New brides hire freelancers to complete hand-written thank you notes to acknowledge wedding gifts, and individuals hire freelancers to write their life stories.

Businesses large and small benefit from being able to easily find freelancers with specific skills. As you contemplate entering this gig workforce, do your research to determine if working through a freelancing platform would be right for you. You may also consider branching out on your own to find your own clients.

2. Companies are benefitting from hiring freelancers and remote workers.

According to Forbes, 66% of large companies that hire freelancers are doing so to lower labor costs. Hiring an employee is an expensive endeavor. Besides the expenses associated with onboarding and training a new hire, companies also have to pay for workers’ compensation insurance, health insurance, and technology.

Also, businesses located in less popular locations may have trouble finding highly skilled employees within the local workforce. That is why a company located in rural Missouri is more than happy to pay a highly-skilledcybersecurity freelancer who is looking for a Clifton Park office space for rent.

It makes economic sense for a company to hire a freelancer. That’s another reason that the gig economy is here to stay.

3. Freelancing is a great way to work.

As more people discover the benefit of working as a freelancer, there will be more demand for Clifton Park commercial space for rent.

Freelancing allows you to set your own schedule. Parents who are freelancers are more often able to attend their children’s school-day events and then complete work assignments on evenings or weekends.

Commuting during rush hour is no longer necessary, and you can work from home during inclement weather.

Another obvious benefit of working on your own is being able to separate yourself from annoying office politics and gossip.

Whether you are seeking more money or more flexibility, there are plenty of benefits of working as a freelancer. But it is essential to know that freelancers don’t necessarily work less, but they work differently.

4. Freelancers and remote workers need a place to work.

Another reason that freelancers are looking for Clifton Park office space for lease is that they need to find a quiet place to work.

Beginning freelancers and remote workers often dream of working from home. They love the idea of rolling out of bed and immediately beginning their workday. But then, the dog wants to go for a walk. And a child asks for a ride to the pool. And the laundry needs changing. And the dog needs out again.

Working from home is sometimes difficult. Everyone thinks they will be able to do it, but only few can completely focus on work when so many distractions surround them. That’s why after working from home for a few months, many freelancers begin seeking a small office place to rent Clifton Park NY or elsewhere in the vicinity. 

5. Freelancers and remote workers need a place to collaborate and take calls.

Commercial real estate developers pay attention to labor trends and provide adequate workspaces for the changing economy. These developers know that freelancers and remote workers are seeking attractive, quiet workspaces that offer privacy, security, and technology.

Developers also know that freelancers sometimes need a space to collaborate with workers who offer other skill sets. They may also need a quiet, secure place to meet clients.

Freelancers and remote workers are tired of taking meetings in crowded, loud coffee shops. Instead, freelancers are finding office spaces to lease that will provide a professional, neutral space to gather or make calls.

6. Clifton Park is an excellent place for a freelancer to be productive.

Before the rise of the gig economy, workers felt forced to live in large, metropolitan areas to advance their careers. This is not the case anymore. Instead of paying expensive mortgages and always fighting traffic, workers are retreating to quieter communities to work.

Clifton Park has plenty of workspace for freelancers who are ready to leave the traditional office job behind and enter the gig economy workforce.

Featured Image Credit: Alyibel  / Pixabay