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Office Space for Rent

5 Things To Consider When Leasing Office Space

woman employee working in a commercial office space

A good office space is a very important investment for your company. It’s where you and your employees will be spending most of your working hours, so you’ll need it to be a space where you can feel comfortable and be productive. It’s also a space where you might be bringing clients, so it should be a good representation of your company and what you have to offer. With so many office spaces for rent, it can be difficult to find one that’s a good fit for your company. Here are five key things to consider when selecting an office space for your company.

1. Budget

The first thing to do when searching for an office space for rent is to determine how much you can afford to spend. If your rent takes up too much of your monthly operating costs, it will be difficult for your business to get ahead. On the other hand, you typically get what you pay for with office spaces, and if you aren’t willing to spend enough money, it will be difficult to find a unit that has the space and features that you need. 

The goal is to find a happy medium where you aren’t overpaying, but you’re spending enough to get the right fit for your company. Keep in mind that cheaper isn’t always better – in many cases, it’s financially efficient to spend a little bit more on rent in order to have a space where your company can truly be productive.

2. Location

Once you’ve come up with a budget, you’ll need to decide on an appropriate location for your office. In addition to having properties that fit within your budget, you’ll need to consider the convenience factor for both your employees and your clients. Think about where your employees live and how far they would need to commute to get to work. If you have employees that prefer to take public transportation, consider your proximity to nearby subway or bus stops as well. 

It’s also helpful to look for an office space with amenities nearby. This can help you attract clients as well as valuable employees to your business. For example, your employees will likely appreciate having a coffee shop on the same block, or a park nearby that they can walk to on their lunch hour. You should also consider the overall quality and atmosphere of the neighborhood and whether it fits with what you’re looking for. Do you prefer something in a suburban neighborhood like Clifton Park, that’s convenient and safe, or are you more interested in the hustle and bustle of a dense urban area? Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it’s up to you to decide what makes the most sense for your business. Browse for more Clifton Park office rentals.

3. Utilities

It’s also very important to consider the utilities and other features that your office space can provide. In particular, it’s important that you have a reliable internet and phone connection. Many office complexes now include the cost of your internet connection in your rent, but not all do, so be sure to ask when you’re looking at office spaces for lease. You should also ask about the cost of basic utilities like electricity, water, and waste management, and make sure you understand how they are managed. Consider any other features the building has to offer as well – some office complexes will manage your mail for you or even have door security staff. These features can add extra value to your company.

4. Size

The size of your office space is another key factor to consider. Typically, the size of your office will directly correlate with the amount of money you spend in rent. It’s important that you have enough room for your employees to work comfortably. If your company is small and your employees can work in communal spaces, then you may be able to work in a tight space. However, if you need meeting rooms or individual offices for some of your employees, then it’s going to be worthwhile to invest in a larger space. 

It’s very important that your employees can work comfortably and that they don’t feel cramped while they’re at work. At the very least, you will need to fit every employee’s desks and chairs into the space and still have room to walk around. It’s also helpful to add in a comfortable reception area for clients as well as a break room for your employees. Remember, your team is going to be spending hours at the office every week, so it’s worthwhile to invest in a comfortable space.

4. Design and Atmosphere

The final thing to consider is the design and look of your office space. Remember that your office is a representation of your company, and you’ll want to make a positive impression. Consider the layout of the space – is it open and easy to navigate, or are there lots of confusing hallways? Do windows let in enough light, or does the space feel dark? It’s important that the office feels welcoming, or it won’t be a comfortable place to work

You’ll also want to find out how the property feels about customizing the office. Can you renovate to make the space more appealing? With more flexibility, it’s easier to transform your office into a space that really reflects your company’s identity. It can also help to research the other tenants in the building and see if your company fits in. The building will serve as the first impression for your clients, and the other tenants are part of that first impression. 

Finding the perfect office space can take some time. It’s important to consider many different options before making a commitment. Since your office space is such an important part of your team’s operations, it is worthwhile to spend your time and money in a place where you can really be productive.

Image Credit: pxhere / CC0 Public Domain