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10 Factors in Choosing Clifton Park Commercial Space For Rent

10 Factors in Choosing Clifton Park Commercial Space For Rent
Finding office space for rent can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to accommodate your customers and vendors, but you also have to provide for the needs of your staff. Do your facilities have adequate parking? How far is the commute? Is your office space easy to locate? These are just a couple of factors you have to take into consideration when you’re looking for a commercial space for rent.

Clifton Park has a lot to offer businesses searching for commercial property for rent. From its beautiful landscape to its many amenities Clifton Park is a prime location to settle down your business. Before jumping into a contract take a look at these 10 factors you should keep your eye out for when searching for office rentals in Clifton Park.

1) Beautiful Landscape

If there’s one thing that Clifton Park has in abundance, it’s beautiful landscaping. Stunning evergreen parks, peaceful lakes, woodland, and wildlife are a regular way of life in Clifton Park. Enjoying the serene scenery during a lunch break can be an excellent way to distress after a hard day at the office. The air is crisp and clean, and the surrounding area is the perfect mix of nature and humanity.

Beautiful Landscape

2) Low Crime Rate

Clifton Park is a family friendly town that has notably low crime rates. However, knowing how often crimes occur in the area where you’ll be renting your office building is important. Your customers, vendors, and employees should feel safe visiting your location. Knowing this information should also influence the types of security measures you take to protect your assets. If your customers don’t feel safe visiting your office building, they may take their business elsewhere.

3) Close to Amenities

Finding office space for lease close to amenities (restaurants, shopping centers, malls, etc.) will make the lives of your employees much easier as they will be able to plan out their day and get much more done due to the amenities around them.

Clifton Park is home to dozens of restaurants that offer a medley of food choices that include Italian, Chinese, Seafood, Mexican, Sushi, American and fast food. Your employees will also find that Clifton park offers gyms, malls, movie theaters, shopping centers and other forms of entertainment.

4) Visibility

Can your office space be seen from the road? Even if you’re getting a great deal on the rent, you should take into consideration whether or not your business is easy to locate visually. If your customers can’t find you, then you’re missing out on money.

As the great British real estate tycoon Lord Harold Samuel once said – “There are three things that matter in property: location, location, location”.

5) Commute Times

Its been said that Americans spend an inordinate amount of time of their lives waiting in traffic going to and fro from work. Every minute in traffic is another minute spent away from friends and family. The best way to minimize this issue is to find office leasing in a convenient part of town.

Ask yourself these questions: does this part of town experience high levels of traffic on a regular basis? Is the traffic reasonable at the end of the workday? Your employees will be much happier and likely more productive if they know they won’t have to wait in traffic for hours just to get to and fro from work.

6) Close to clients and vendors

If you have a team that targets a specific type of business having an office in a centralized location will prove advantageous. Ideally, your employees should be spending more time working and less time traveling back and forth from their target destination. Before choosing your location in Clifton Park, research the area to ensure that you’re close to your ideal clients and vendors.

7) Foot traffic

Are you located in an area that receives a considerable amount of foot traffic, or can you only be reached by car? If you’re more concerned with confidentiality or privacy, then choosing a location with little to no foot traffic would be ideal. If you rely upon a high volume of customers to sustain your business, high foot traffic may be your life blood.

8) Proximity to competition

The worst thing that you could end up doing is picking an office space that’s located right next to your competition. Not only will you have to compete for customers, but convincing people that you’re the superior choice is a struggle in itself. Finding a location that’s a reasonable distance away from any nearby competition will allow you to “carve out” your own little piece of Clifton Park for yourself.

9) Price

Price is typically the most important factor when searching for offices for lease. No matter what office space you end up renting, it all comes down to your budget. If you spend too much, then you’ll struggle to pay your rent or even be forced to move into a smaller office rental. If you spend too little, you might end up in an office space that you’re unsatisfied with thus prompting you to move anyways to find an office space that you are satisfied with. Finding an office rental within your price range is important because it saves you time and money.

10) Size

Of course, size should play a major role in your rental decision, and this is often directly influenced by price. If you pay more, you’ll be working out of a larger office rental. If you pay less…you get the picture.

Ideally, you should find a location that provides 70 square feet per person. Though, no one knows your business like you do. You can play with that figure according to the needs of your business. You also have to factor in eating areas, restrooms, areas to meet with clients, and space to expand. Size is more important then you know and should be one of the most vital factors you take into consideration before renting an office space.

There are dozens of factors to take into consideration when you’re searching for commercial space for rent. Clifton Park is a beautiful city with plenty of commercial rental options to choose from. No matter how stringent your  search criteria finding a location that largely benefits your customers and employees will allow your business to thrive.

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